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The Break up
November 26, 2006, 12:44 pm
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no, no …. don’t be alarmed … I am talking about the movie with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.  We just got back from Thanksgiving, found out that there is nothing on TV, so we got a movie – The Break Up. Right before it starts, they make you choose between his and her side. Oh no, do we have to watch it twice?  No, you don’t. We went back to see what the difference was, and there is non. So, don’t fret it, but really, you wouldn’t. It is a fun, cute movie with lots of scenes for both men and women to enjoy. What does that mean? Let your imagination take you ….. wherever 😉

Well, overall it was a good, relaxing, funny movie with good performances. Don’t expect something that will blow you away, though!

Good night, y’all ….


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That’s quite funny. I have also seen the break up. Two weeks ago at Max’s house – a German friend of mine – it was really funny. But you are right. It is not a movie that blows you away. But to have just a nice movie evening with perhaps later discussions about pool tables and singing groups of guys in the sleeping room it’s a good choice. But I didn’t like the end. It was not satisfying….

Comment by Matthias

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