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Birthdays, Girl Scout Cookies and the ticket search
January 22, 2007, 10:36 am
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That is eating up my time right now, besides sitting down with Anna and working, learning, testing. Then there is the weather – rainy, dreary, muggy cold. But, hey, my mood is much better than all that. I am busy as a bee and revelling in it. My house looks like I have too much to do, which is correct, but, really, who cares?

I guess, I do – just a tad.

It is Monday morning, and I am on the computer searching, again, for flights to Germany. Hm. The question here is: Are all the good tickets gone already, or have they not come out yet? I guess I will wait a bit longer, as I will always be able to buy the expensive, over $1000, tickets.

I am cookie mom in Annas Brownie Girl Scout troop, which means right now, just selling cookies, like everybody else in the troop, but soon it will mean counting boxes of cookies, moneys, handing out cookies, organizing booth sales, etc. and ….
hopefully being able to donate some cookies to soldiers in Iraq! A neighbor of ours is in Iraq, his wife and two young boys here, all in all about 16 months apart. Hopefully we will convince some people to brighten this mans and his colleagues life a bit with some Girl Scout Cookies.

Furthermore – the birthdays. Annas is on the 2nd, Lillys on the 7th of February. Anna, as the big 7 year old girl wants a fun artsy, craftsy party, but still wants to invite some of her younger friends, who, I’m afraid would not have much success with the crafts we will be doing. Plus, Lilly wants to invite the same ones. Lilly wants a Strawberry Shortcake party. She is our little Strawberry Shortcake (Emily Erdbeer in German) and I’ve pretty much come up with lots of really fun stuff to do. They are both getting so big, and with their overlapping friends pool I am wondering, and kind of hoping, that next year, we can do one party for both together. Now, will I then make one big cake, two cakes? Oh, I have no idea. I just know, I will have to come up with more stuff and ideas for their birthdays. I know, I could just do a jumpy party, or something outside the house. And there are kids that view those kind of parties as superior to at-home parties, but I guess, I like to torture myself LOL

All that we are doing with Anna for school is at times overwhelming. We are doing something every day. Practice makes perfect, right? I hope she will gain the confidence through all of this and knows that she has all this support at home. I can only hope.


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Da soll mal jemand sagen: “ne ich arbeite nicht!!” Ich glaube, dass mancher Job klarer abgegrenzt ist, einfacher auszufüllen ist. Wo wäre die Gesellschaft, wenn die Erziehungsleistung von der Wirtschaft oder dem Staat, oder denen, die keine Kinder haben finanziert werden würde??!!
Halte durch!!!

Comment by Oma/ Mama

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