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Last weekend – playing catch up …
March 5, 2007, 12:31 am
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Yeah, yeah, I actually wrote half of this last week, but …. you know what happens. Time just flies!

The Sellers weekend was busy and fun and exhausting. Am I ever glad it is Monday and I can relax a little 😉

Friday late afternoon, we dropped off Anna at a birthday sleepover party. Lilly went outside, ended up at her friends Megans house and also had dinner there. Meanwhile Michael calls to let me know that they are having a crisis over at work and he needs to stay late. I used my time to get ready for Lillys birthday party the next day. You know there are always a gazillion things to clean, do, think about. Let’s just say, I obsess about it just a tad. *g*

Lilly finally came home and we got our snuggles in, just Lilly and Mommy time, which was just so sweet. She declared, I could sleep in her bed that night and I could have one of her Nikkis. What an honor! Oh, how she likes to snuggle, hold on. And I so enjoy it, because Anna is turning into the distant 7 year old, who rather chats (which is also phantastic!!! Use your words, girl!), doesn’t like to be kissed anymore. Lilly did go through that stage, too, but she is back out of it again. I guess it is Annas turn now, though I think it is here to stay. They are so different from each other. When Anna makes up her mind about something, that is it.

I still baked the cake on Friday night and tried to make the leafs and stem out of green Starburst candy. It becomes play dough consistency when you put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Really cool!

Saturday morning comes around and the craze REALLY starts. Where are the balloons? The icing is not getting red enough! There is no more Strawberry jam in the house! Arrghh! Lilly sorts the coloring pages for the party and gets the markers and coloring pencils together, but then gets side tracked and just starts coloring. So, she is happily sitting there doing her thing and I string sugar donuts for a game. Michael gets last minute art supplies and baking supplies. I went to get Anna from Brownies. Oh, was she ever exhausted.

Apparently, it was not really a sleepover party, but a wakeover party, as the girls did not go to sleep until 1 AM. Unbelievable!!! So, we made her lay down and sleep some, and after some fighting it, because, you know, she is not a little kid anymore and napping is just not cool, she just crashed. We were all ready and Lillys party could start. Mayas mom, Kim, stayed to help. That was great! The girls all loved the little jewelery boxes and had fun with Mod Podge, tissue paper and sequins to decorate them with. The games outside were great – especially the sugar donut eating, Anna, sugar donutsEmily, sugar donutswhere they had to try eat the donut hanging from a string. AWESOME!!!! The treasure hunt led them back inside, while running all over strawberry cakethe yard and house, to find the big red strawberry (cake) in the kitchen. They certainly deserved their munching on cake and ice cream. Oh what fun!!! After unwrapping the presents they all got to play some more outside to take care of that sugar high. We loved having everybody here and they all had a great time.

I am so glad it’s over!!!

Sunday morning, we all get up at 7 AM, after three crying girls stand in front of my bed. They had all woken each other up and a fight over some toy had broken out. So, let’s better feed the little ones. With blueberry muffins – prepared the night before – and scrambled eggs, they could not have been more happy. Maya and Lilly had a Chuck E Cheese birthday party to go to on Sunday as well. They had a ball and then … Kim and I went shopping. Jerry, her husband – THANK YOU!!!! – had taken Lilly home with him with Maya and D to enjoy the amazing weather, jump off some of the birthday cake sugar high and let us ladies go shopping.

Ahhhh, it felt sooooooooo good!!! That was a perfect end to a wonderful weekend!!!

And now that I have finally finished the last weekend, this weekend should follow soon, because there will be lots more to write seeing Anna and Emily gerlishing their way around their uncle… how fun that will be!!!!


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Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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