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The first school week is over
August 17, 2007, 11:25 pm
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… and how has it gone? I would say, it has gone well! There are adjustments to be made for both days. Lilly does not like the longer days as much, Anna the increased homework, but both have done considerably well.

Emily asked this morning why she has to school every day. That was a very tired Lilly asking!

I have adjusted to them being gone by working and doing stuff around the house. Wow, I have some time to myself. That will take a little more adjustment than expected.

The weeks are filled again with school starting. Not just the mornings, but also the afternoons. Anna is doing ballet, Lilly will start soccer soon. We want to get them into a music program and maybe swimming, too. Then there is Girl Scouts. Anna is a 2nd year Brownie and Lilly will be a Daisy. We are so thankful for that program as most the girls stay in the troop, so that there is something familiar through the years of changing classrooms, classmates and teachers. It is nice and necessary to have something constant.

This week was not just trying by having to get up early, going to bed earlier (as if that would ever happen), getting dinner on the table earlier, homework, cranky, tired kids, but it has also been hot, piping hot, record temperatures, even for Atlanta, and no rain. The plants are thirsty for a drop of rain. Today, while on the phone with Michael, he is driving through drenching rain, it is windy here, we were hopeful for some of that delicious, wet, cooling, clearing rain, but

NOTHING. It had the audacity to pass us by. We got nothing, not a drop.  The next days don’t look promising rain-wise, but it is supposed to cool off a little.
Tomorrow is a whirlwind of a day, but we are looking forward to Sunday, when we are planning on going to the mountains. We have to see how Anna and Emily are faring, but I am hoping to soon be sitting in a big tire, slowly drifting down the river, cooling off, resting, laughing and most off all – seeing the delight in Anna’s and Emily’s faces!!!


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