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The first IEP meeting
April 2, 2008, 9:01 pm
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I am sitting here, a glass wine beside me, thinking about the past day.

We had our meeting about Anna’s test results. Anna was in the hall. I was trying to see how that made her feel. She had been there, she knew all the people. They had probed and prodded and tested her, so to say. And now her mom and dad were behind closed doors with these people collaborating, while she was supposed to sit out there, do her homework, read, have a snack and just be happy. She certainly showed that she was quite unsure about the situation, did the homework with one of the counselors, who was not in our meeting and read for a bit. She also went around the office to check it out.

The meeting went well, I think. We went over the test results. One of the counselors had to leave soon, so we went over the outcome of her testing and quickly to the next step of enrolling Anna in her special services. Anna will be getting speech twice a week as her vocabulary is very weak. After that, the other tests were talked about to see why Anna is having such a hard time in the class room. She needs more support, which she will get twice a day in reading and math in a smaller class room setting. We will have to fill out a questionnaire to see if we can find a reason for her low performance.  The skill level seems high, but the performance is not there.  So, the meeting went well, I think.

Michael and I talked about the outcome afterward a bit more, and Michael now feels much more comfortable with it, too. When Anna met her new, additional teacher, she was just goofing off – a sure sign of her distress. She got to play soccer tonight and climb trees. We had a normal evening and she is fast asleep now. I will not be surprised if she ends up right next to me tonight!

Everything will start the Monday after Spring Break, a new part of school life for Anna! I hope she takes it well. I hope it will help her. I am happy to say, I know the teachers’ helper, as she was is a former neighbor of ours, and she is just wonderful.

We are looking forward to a great Spring Break. I am glad, we had the meeting beforehand. It does give me a sense of new beginnings to come ….


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See, like in our conversation on Saturday morning – nothing for months!

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