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The last week of summer vacation

Our last week of summer vacation was a great one. First I thought it would be very hectic with a summer camp for the kids and people staying at our house just before school starts, but it was great and interesting and fun!!!

I had signed up Anna and Emily for a British Soccer Camp to stave of the boredom that was going to come during the summer, meaning a driving mommy crazy and not letting me work at all boredom. With going to Germany and all other activities that was the only week we could do it. Not realizing that it was actually the last week before school starts. Had I seen that, I am not so sure, I would have done that. But it was a blessing in disguise. We had non of that – “oh, school starts next week” – kids going mad going on at our house. They were way too exhausted!!! They learned a lot, had friends they grew closer with at the camp and got really active during this week. I can whole-heartedly recommend these camps from Challenger Sports!

On top of that, we also had two young, British soccer coaches staying at our house. How that happened? We had signed up to house one coach. I thought it would be a good experience for the kids. I had been in a similar situation when I was an Exchange student in high school and later when I was an Au-Pair. So, I think both can learn a lot from each other, and I always enjoy meeting people from all over the world and learning more about other cultures. Well, we met the culture of the British in their 20s. More about that later. So, Challenger Sports, the organizer of these camps called and asked if we could take two coaches, because they don’t have enough Host families. After thinking about it for a bit, we agreed. Yes, they would have to share one room, but it had two good beds in it. And the Hotel rooms in Europe are quite small, so they would be okay.

Kyle and Ryan with Anna and Emily

Kyle and Ryan with Anna and Emily

So, Sunday to Friday evening, we had two more family members – Ryan, 20 from the Isle of Man and Kyle, 23 from Sheffield. Both were very polite and fun to be around. Finally, somebody understands our sarcastic humor!!! They certainly brought some spice, funky humor, energy into our household, and we thank them for that! It has been a long time we have laughed that much … and Moritz is now missing his extra cuddles!!!

We also got a taste of the life of a young adult nowadays. Breakfast, lunch, morning, noon and night could be spent in front of the computer checking on e-mail, facebook conversations, checking bank balances and what-not. Whatever happened to experiencing it, playing with the kids, immersing yourself and then sharing it with friends later instead of staying where you are practically – connected through internet? I also know they were ready to get back to their normal life after staying every week for 10 weeks somewhere else. We could only do so much – offering a cup of tea, a Skype connection, good food, some fun!

On Thursday we went to Lifetime Fitness so that Ryan could hang at the pool, Kyle and I both wanted to work out and the kids could also later enjoy the pool. The weather forecast showed a 40% chance of rain, which usually means that it will probably not rain. We have been hoping for rain around here, but then it rarely comes. Also, Ryan wanted to get his butt whipped in squash by a man twice his age đŸ˜‰ later when he would play with Michael. So, we head to the gym, see a bit of dark sky, but nothing major, get in there. I show the guys around and go on my merry way. Anna and Emily were in the Kids Center when I had just started to walk on the treadmill, deeply immersed in my book. Suddenly, thundering and lightening, the TV’s loose reception and I look out and it is just pouring down rain. That means that even the inside pool is closed!!! From there it just snowballed. Because there was no vegging at the pool after the work-out, which we got in at least, Michael did not get to play squash against Ryan. We just plainly went home. The boys napped so they could go out later, which they did.

Friday was the last camp day. It went well, and the girls were sorry it was over. Ryan was going to leave to go back home on Sunday, so he was in a party mood. Kyle had to drive to North Carolina the next day, as he still has two weeks in the US before heading back to England. So, Friday, Michael came home early and we all went out to lunch and headed back home. The girls played, the guys vegged and then pronounced later that they were going to leave that evening. What a bummer, but they wanted to go party in Buckhead where they would stay with a friend. I know we are a bit far out here and there is not much going on out here. So, that was our week with Kyle and Ryan. We wish them well, as they are two smart, wonderful, young guys and hope to stay in touch.

So, Saturday was a very leisure day for us with a great Block Party in the evening. How nice is it to sit on the cul-de-sac with your great neighbors, the kids having a blast, eating appetizers and yummy desserts (I made my chocolate ice-cream and a big batch of vanilla ice-cream) and us relaxing, chatting about the summer and life in general, anticipating the new school year. What a great way to end a great summer!!!


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