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3rd grade – split up
August 19, 2008, 1:38 pm
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Last weekend we found out that they are doing the same thing in third grade that they do in 4th and 5th grade already. The kids have a homeroom teacher, but for the different subjects they are grouped differently and go to other teachers. Anna has math and reading with Ms. Shahi anyways, but now she also has a different teacher for writing. She has her homeroom teacher for social science. Some kids have 4 different teachers!

How they are grouped? They seem to be grouped by their abilities, thus getting into a classroom with peers the teacher can cater to much better, much more uniform. I like this approach. The ones who are more talented in one area get to expand it in another classroom than a child, who has more difficulty in that particular area. Also, if a child is not so keen on any of his/her teacher, there are always other teachers during the day. The same applies to classmates. Anna has a friend in her writing class and a few kids she knows in her other classes. Maybe this will get her more enthusiastic about school in general, though we have not had the “I don’t want to go today” yet, but the school year is young.

Another thing – it gets them moving! Every little bit helps, I believe. I think they get way too little of that in schools today. The mind also has to take a rest to absorb all that is being learned. That is just part of it. And the body needs to move – especially that of a child in order to be able to sit still for extended periods of time!!!

I also found out last night during 1st grade Curriculum Night that Lilly has lunch and recess with the other classroom they are switching teachers with. She has some friends in her current classroom, but also in the other classroom, so I am all for that.

I find this change in teaching methods a definite positive for the kids as well as the teachers. The teachers can get deeper into the subject matter they are teaching, thus doing it better and the kids get a change throughout the day of friends, teachers and scenery.

I am curious how it will go for Anna, who does not like change too much. With a friend in the writing class she seems to be taking it well though. It is the second day now for the system to be implemented, and I can’t wait for 3rd grade Curriculum Night tomorrow!!!


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