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Delta Skymiles nightmare
August 20, 2008, 9:34 am
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I am about to loose my mind. Yes, I might have already lost it many a times, but this time it is for real. This is absolutely insane. Earlier this summer I found out that Delta had taken all my miles without warning. “They expired” they said, but why did I not get any information, like my husband always gets and the question, if I want to get a stupid magazine with my miles, or something.

Sorry about the language, but I am furious. There have been a few more events in the last few days that this is the icing of the cake to.

So, this Delta representative told me to send in a letter to which I only got a “no can do” reply to reinstate our miles. Then another nice Delta lady said, “how about an American Express Card with which you earn miles, you get 20000 miles right of the bet.”

Oh, what I want to use the miles for? My mother is turning 60 on March 1st ’09 and will have a big celebration in my hometown in Germany. I want to go and the ideal situation would be, if I could finally use my Skymiles to get the ticket. There is a direct flight from Atlanta to Düsseldorf that makes it perfect. Usually, we are 3 people on a flight, so that we never have enough miles.

Well, today, I went online checking on the miles. All is great, so I think. Then, I want to transfer the miles. Well, well, but that costs $0.01per mile and the $30 transfer fee. Then, the awards ticket will also cost $180, because all the direct connections are gone by now for that time frame, and I am up to about $500 for the ticket with a lot of hassle.

So, s… them. I so have had it with this @#$$%^$^ Delta Skymiles Program. Many of you might say “welcome to the club”, but I am just plainly furious.

Yes, I will definitely go in March, but I would have really liked to, for once, used the miles. Maybe I should just wait and find a great price at that time and fly with a different airline!!!!


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Oh damn it, that suc&(%§$/ really. A pretty expensive ticket and nobody that told you that you’ll lose your miles. Most of the time they just expire… Well, hope that it will still not be to expensive.

Comment by Matthias

by the way: great new layout of your blog!!

Comment by Matthias

I love the new blog design, Heike!

Yes, I hear you on the Skymiles – which is why now I use the AirTran Visa card…but, that won’t help you as they are only a domestic carrier.

Comment by Jerry Grasso

I too have had over 100,000 miles written off. Just as it was in your case the write-off occured without any warning.

This is not the old Delta I am accustomed to dealing with. It’s almost like they quietly stood by, hoping the deadline would slip my notice. (Which it did, of course.)

Delta may have included a “fine print paragraph” warning me, but they certainly made no special effort.

I am corresponding with whem, pleading my case for reinstatement, but so far I have not been successful.

This is very sad. I know every mile they write off means more they save, but in the long run they will lose business. The word will spread and their fine reputation for first class service will be lost.

Comment by david furr

I found your website after I looked for lost Skymiles since I am a current victim of such event. Yes, Delta sucks! I lost 177000 miles just this month after I reviewed my account. I don’t recall ever losing miles because they used to extend it automatically, but apparently they became strict about this since 2006. I lost my miles, my fight (nicely asked for a portion to be reinstated, and no luck), and my desire to ever use Delta again. So I’ll join your pain and frustration against Delta.

Comment by BB1975

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