Bilingual life and more

October 30, 2008, 11:43 pm
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I was tagged by Tales from the Script. This is an interesting one. There are so many ways to answer these prompts and I will write the first and foremost honest answers that come to mind. So, brace yourself.

I am- German, a mother of two great girls, a Brownie Girl Scout Leader, a PTA chair, Michael’s wife, employee of Workplace Spanish, Inc., a sister to three brothers in various stages of life, a daughter and grand-daughter, a friend, a blogger, … apparently too many to list,  or to bore you before you even get to the bottom of the list and not necessarily in that particular order either!
I want- to have more time to devote to my hobby – photography – and take more classes for it.
I have- a great life – with a loving family near and far, wonderful friends, a great job – ever challenging, just the way I like it.
I wish- I lived closer to my family, then again, I would be further away from some very good friends. We can’t have it all, but we can still wish.
I dislike- cat fights. I don’t like the women’s politics, can’t stand it. I rather have honesty without games!
I fear- that I am not doing everything right with and for the girls and my family.
I hear- earlier, the girls’ sighs, as we tuck them into bed, their long, regular breaths while they sleep, now, my fingers hitting the keyboard – sounds like rats running, as Michael likes to say (lovely, huh?) the clock ticking and me and my thoughts.
I search- for old friends. I love to reconnect, see what they have done with their life. And I search for recipes. I love to cook and bake and am always looking for great recipes.
I wonder- what our life will be like 10 years from now. The girls will be 16 and 18. Where will we be? What will be doing work-wise? What is the next big thing that comes and changes our lives?
I always- make sure all the doors are locked and the  before leaving the house and going to bed.
I usually- go to bed too late, like now.
I am not- good at giving up.
I dance- wildly, and love it.
I sing- loudly, in the car, by myself, but also good night songs to my girls and the Girl Scout Songs during Brownie meetings.
I never- would have dreamed my life would turn out this way.
I rarely- say no, though I should more often, and when I do I feel incredibly guilty.
I cry- when I’m hurt or I just can’t anymore …
I am not always- on time, that is probably the most ungerman thing about me.
I lose- my keys all the time, though we have a basket and my purse for them.
I’m confused- when people don’t answer their e-mails for simple questions.
I need- Love.
I should- do more for myself. I know, I try, but not often enough.
I dream- but don’t remember my dreams most of the time.
I TAG- Jerry Grasso, Mary Maloof, The Strohmeyers and Nothing for Ungood.


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