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test behind us, summer here we come
June 25, 2009, 4:08 pm
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Anna took the test this morning. It is done, whatever happens, happens… more about that when the results are in!!!

Now, the girls are running through the sprinkler with a friend, giggling, screaming, washing away and getting out the stress of the past weeks of sitting down and working in mommy’s morning school. I had help – thankfully – Michael and Oma pitched in, helped where they could. Now, it is hitting me, too.

Oh god, this was not supposed to be a downer post, but the anticipation of the test, the stress of the past months, coming to grips with medicating our daughter is kind of taking it out of me. I know there are many understanding souls out there …

I am determined to come out on top, for Anna to come out on top, so for right now, we will have summer time fun. We all deserve it and Anna the most.

I better get going and cut up this sweet, red-fleshed, refreshing watermelon to bring out to the kids, jumping through the sprinkler. Refreshment for the soul!


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