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a few surprises or seeing the bright side
August 3, 2009, 12:21 am
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So, it is no secret that the past few weeks in the Sellers’ household have been a bit rocky … but it has not gotten us down. I am always amazed how things looking meek can turn around quickly, who I can count on in my life and how well we can handle things, because we are US!

Hm, trying to think when it started. We came back from a wonderful trip to Germany  at the end of June when I came down with a horrible sinus infection. I always joking that I get something really horrible about every 10 years. Well, with kids (Germbodies) and traveling I will cut that assumption down to 5. Not bad anyways. So, I got this sinus infection that made Michael take of 2 days, because of the infection and then also for the “cure”. I could not take the Amoxicillin, which my body made quite sure to let us know, it did NOT like. It rejected it in any way possible, to put it delicately!

Then, I thought, there was a bump on Emily (our 7 year old) in the groin area, which turns out to be a hernia. Since it has not caused problems yet, it should be taken care off quite quickly, especially with girls in which little female parts can be caught in it, which can effect them later in life. So, scheduling of a pediatric surgeon pretty quickly so it is all done and over with before school starts.

The same evening we get a call from Michael’s parents that his beloved grandma had died. She had been very sick, in a nursing home, and going down hill fast, obviously. Over the past few years, we all thought so many times that it was her time, but her strong native american heart kept on beating and pulling her through. It was her time, and in the end, I am sorry she had to suffer so long and I know she is in a better place now. She was a remarkable woman, but that is truly another post! The funeral was scheduled for Thursday just after lunch, but our appointment with the Emily’s surgeon was at 11AM. So, Michael went to the funeral and I stayed with Anna and Emily here in Altanta.

That weekend, we were scheduled to go to Lexington, KY to see our friends, the Grasso’s, and we were so looking forward to it. Michael, in his grief, did not feel like it, but also knew that we needed to go. When will we see them again? We sure won’t loose the connection. They are one of our best friends! But Emily and Maya were aching to see each other, so, I left with the girls right around the time the funeral was happening. The 7 hour car ride was quite therapeutic. What a wonderful weekend we had.

We came back on Monday, when we were supposed to have heard from Emily’s surgeon when the surgery is scheduled. Finally getting a hold of them they tell me that there is no date until middle of August, because the doctor is going on vacation the next day. I about crawled through the phone, got a lame ass apology and quickly called our pediatrician. They totally came through for us. We got an appointment with an amazingly warm and wonderful pediatric surgeon … the next day! … and have a surgery scheduled for the next week – before school starts.

The bright side: We met an incredibly caring, wonderful doctor through a botched up situation. Our pediatrician called back to know when to think of Emily … how nice is that? Well, they are our kid’s primary doctors for the past 7 years – through thick and thin – and it shows! They care, we care!

And today, finally, after all the mumbo jumbo of the past few months, I got to go to Yoga again. It feels so good and I am a firm believer that after some rough times you come out stronger. There is always a brighter side of everything … and mine is truly my family and friends!


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Wirbelsturm! Sie ereignen sichvnicht nur in den veschiedenen Landschaften, sondern auch im Leben einer Familie. Die Gleichzeitigkeit die heißen und kalten Geschehnisse mischen das Leben wirklich auf! Wie bei dem metereologischen Ereignis liegt die Ruhe ein der Mitte. Im Besinnen auf sich wird man nicht mitgerissen, sondern erkennt, was wichtig ist. SO hast DU es auch erfahren! Hochachtung! Sturmerprobt!

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