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The best presents ever … forever … or at least a very long time
December 28, 2009, 1:52 am
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Christmas time is always a bit tricky with the kids. Anna is now 9 and Emily 7. Neither one is questioning the existence of Santa Clause yet … to my face … making it still quite a bit of fun for us. So, off their wish-lists go. Emily actually wrote one in school and Anna scribbled one down at home. Emily got a long letter back and at the end she was promised a surprise! Anna forgot to put her letter in an envelope, so it never left the mailbox.

So, I had free rein over what Santa might bring our girls this year and I got a bit more innovative, or more to say, I went back in time.

High tech toys, super dolls and more stuffed animals aside, I decided on some old favorites; some, that have stood the test of time. Thursday morning, our girls make the highly anticipated way downstairs and there at the fireplace lay between other toys a SLINKY for Anna and a RUBIX CUBE for Emily. After all presents from us, grandparents here and from Germany and uncles and aunts have been opened, Anna is playing with the slinky. Back and forth and back and forth goes the metal coil in her hand. Down the stairs. Letting it drop down from upstairs into our foyer, and the other numerous games she has thought off. Just holding the slinky makes her happy. To get her to just sit down and read, I have to take it away to give it back after she has done her due diligence.

Emily is curled up in the corner of our couch and plays with the rubix cube. She messes it up, tries for a bit to get it back, to see how it goes and is totally engulfed by the turning of the rows. The colors, the cube, the power over the small rubix universe.

Books, Webkinz, games, Inline skates and arts and crafts stuff is all welcome, but certainly take a back seat to these two simple toys. They got some money from their great grandmother in Germany, my Oma. A portion will be saved, but they can pick one special present they want. Guess what they will treat themselves to?

Anna will get her own Rubix Cube and Emily her own Slinky. Gotta love the simple pleasures!


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Meine Güte, war ich lange nicht mehr auf Eurem Blog! Nun finde ich die Weihnachtsgeschenke, von denen Ihr schon soooo viel erzählt habt! Da ist nochmal zu sehen, was Anna und Emily Freude macht: es ist eben die Möglichkeit, die eigene Phantasie und Kreativität einzubringen. Weiterhin viel Spaß!!!

Comment by Annemarie Scherf

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