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The best presents ever … forever … or at least a very long time
December 28, 2009, 1:52 am
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Christmas time is always a bit tricky with the kids. Anna is now 9 and Emily 7. Neither one is questioning the existence of Santa Clause yet … to my face … making it still quite a bit of fun for us. So, off their wish-lists go. Emily actually wrote one in school and Anna scribbled one down at home. Emily got a long letter back and at the end she was promised a surprise! Anna forgot to put her letter in an envelope, so it never left the mailbox.

So, I had free rein over what Santa might bring our girls this year and I got a bit more innovative, or more to say, I went back in time. Continue reading


The appointment
May 21, 2009, 11:58 pm
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Today’s meeting for Anna this afternoon was good. The doctor talked to her directly, what she is hoping to get from medication and her answer was – “to be able to pay more attention, to be more focussed”. So, we are trying Daytran, for a month to see how she does on it. What I like about the patch is that it can be taken off earlier. When a pill is taken, it lasts for a longer time, but the patch can be removed. We will be trying it out while we are in Germany and will have more of an idea if it is working, we have to up the dose or have to try something different. Anna actually asked tonight when she will be able to use it. I think she is ready to show when she can actually do. She can do so much in the classroom, but it is reall tough during tests. As written  before, I think many of her issues have to do with being able to focus and pay attention. It is certainly NOT a smart pill!

Today, I have been trying to understand our health insurance plan. Unfortunately, even the insurance cannot tell me how something will be covered – copay or deductible, or both. Well, I am not going to leave it up to chance and will keep bugging them. This is the fun part of staying at home, right? With everything else I am doing – work, house, kids, packing for vacation – it is NOT recommendable.

Good night, sleep tight …

Happy New Year, resolutions
January 7, 2009, 11:07 am
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The new year has started. It is dreary and rainy, and a perfect time to take down the Christmas decorations. I want my space back! It was so wonderful to have them up for a month, but then, they just get too much. The tree is not soaking any more water, so that the needles will start dropping soon. The paper whites are done blooming and stinking. Gosh, I found out how stinky they are. I think I will leave those outside for next year. Amaryllis don’t smell like the stinkiest feet ever!!! After taking down the Christmas stuff, we keep going with the clean sweep through the house. There will be a lot taken to the dump and sold in Yard Sales and on Craigslist! Continue reading

Breakfast in Bed and photo-op
October 12, 2008, 11:04 pm
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This morning at 8AM we were gently awoken by Anna and Emily with a tray of breakfast. Anna had cut me an apple, put it in a bowl with Müsli and poured milk all over, but just enough, just the way I like it. Michael had lots of milk with cereal, which he likes to eat on Sunday morning. It was toooooooooo sweet. They went back and brought their own breakfast too and we had a family breakfast in bed. Here is a picture of Anna and Emily with the most wonderful breakfast ever.

Anna and Emily serve breakfast in bed

Later, we went to meet our friends, the Callaham’s at the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the Art in Motion Exhibit and Scarecrows, put together by many different companies from around Atlanta.

Here is a photo-op picture of the family:

Greetings from the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Fall 2008

Greetings from the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Fall 2008

Seeing the Augsburger Puppenkiste life ….. WOW
September 29, 2008, 11:29 am
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One good way to keep our German language, and keep it in our girl’s live alife, so-to-say, is by hearing German from others, participating in the German community here in and around Atlanta.

We have a few friends who are German or speak German, and so do their kids, but we don’t see them as often as we would like. You know how it goes. With children in school and sports, Scouts, etc. the weeks get filled very quickly. The weekends are not much better with soccer games, birthday parties and outings. Continue reading

A child’s independence
September 8, 2008, 8:35 am
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We have a morning and evening routine getting the kids ready, like a dramatic dance, like a Tango you might say. How do we change that to a waltz?

I try to send them to get ready with just a “Go get ready!”, but find myself going upstairs asking if they already had brushed their hair and their teeth, gone to the bathroom, etc or yelling from downstairs reminding them to get it done, whatever getting-ready phase they are in. Well, most of the time they had not gotten past the point of thinking up something funny and giggling. While that is all good and great, that they are such good friends/friendly sisters they should not play, as it is not time to play. There is only a certain amount of time to get ready, especially in the morning before they get to school late. In the evening, we get a timer for 15 minutes going and whoever does not make it – with a gazillion reminders and guiding – looses her story. That hurts us, too. Continue reading

Fireworks from my girls
September 1, 2008, 12:00 am
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We watched the fireworks from the neighborhood 25th anniversary party for Labor Day weekend.

Emily called the fireworks flowerworks. How cute and just fitting is that?

Anna was so busy putting her glow sticks around her legs and making a belt, etc., during the fireworks so that I asked her if she did not want to watch the fireworks anymore when she just says:”I know something more beautiful than this. You!” Wow, I was floored and LOVED it!!!!