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The best presents ever … forever … or at least a very long time
December 28, 2009, 1:52 am
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Christmas time is always a bit tricky with the kids. Anna is now 9 and Emily 7. Neither one is questioning the existence of Santa Clause yet … to my face … making it still quite a bit of fun for us. So, off their wish-lists go. Emily actually wrote one in school and Anna scribbled one down at home. Emily got a long letter back and at the end she was promised a surprise! Anna forgot to put her letter in an envelope, so it never left the mailbox.

So, I had free rein over what Santa might bring our girls this year and I got a bit more innovative, or more to say, I went back in time. Continue reading


staples for Emily
September 11, 2009, 12:19 am
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It is 11:45PM and I am finally sitting down, at home, just typing and happy the rest of the family is upstairs asleep!

Earlier this evening, Emily went to a friends house for 30 minutes and came home for dinner. I had made one of her favorites – baked chicken a la Heike. She had actually helped me with the preparations and had gone off to play. There were also sweet potato puffs and herbed spaghetti. Anna had made Powdered Sugar Puff Pastries for dessert, which were absolutely divine. So there was not a peep from either girl, munching on dinner … actually a bit of fighting over extra leftover crunchy chicken skin and then mouths filled with powdered sugar puff heaven. So then showers followed and the bedtime story. I snuggle with Emily, Michael snuggled with Anna.

When it is my turn for my final goodnight with Emily she mentions that the back of her head hurts. Hm, I think, maybe some heparin cream is in order I get from Germany. It helps with bruises and pain! As I part the hair, I see blood, I see the start of the wound and it keeps on going, making it a 1-inch cut on the left back of her head. Yeah, that would HURT!!! That girl is one tough cookie

I clean it a bit … tears … I see the whole glory or more the whole gory of it, Michael, too, and we decide that it is time for the ER. She took some cuddlies and off we went. She was scared, but she is a “get it done and over with” kind off girl.

We got there, they did a gazillion neurological tests to see she is not more kooky than before and said that the numbing gel would start working in 30 to 40 minutes. I asked about the alternative, which comes in a needle. Emily decided on that so that she could “get it done and over with” like SHE phrased it! It pinched and hurt a little, the 3 staples definitely hurt, but I am very proud of her! Then, we waited and waited …

Hey, people, we got done and now? Well, the hold-up was, because of a Tylenol prescription from the pharmacy. It took 30 minutes for us NOT to get it in the end.

Needless to say, Emily is not going to school tomorrow – by doctor’s orders! Mommy’s orders are to sleep as long as she can … maybe even long enough for me to go back to bed?!

a few surprises or seeing the bright side
August 3, 2009, 12:21 am
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So, it is no secret that the past few weeks in the Sellers’ household have been a bit rocky … but it has not gotten us down. I am always amazed how things looking meek can turn around quickly, who I can count on in my life and how well we can handle things, because we are US! Continue reading

Emily’s noodle strips
March 6, 2009, 4:19 pm
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Emily told me that, when we go meet our friends tomorrow in the park it will be quite warm. She will want to wear short pants and a shirt with “noodle strips”. I about died laughing. She certainly meant “spaghetti straps”.

Happy New Year, resolutions
January 7, 2009, 11:07 am
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The new year has started. It is dreary and rainy, and a perfect time to take down the Christmas decorations. I want my space back! It was so wonderful to have them up for a month, but then, they just get too much. The tree is not soaking any more water, so that the needles will start dropping soon. The paper whites are done blooming and stinking. Gosh, I found out how stinky they are. I think I will leave those outside for next year. Amaryllis don’t smell like the stinkiest feet ever!!! After taking down the Christmas stuff, we keep going with the clean sweep through the house. There will be a lot taken to the dump and sold in Yard Sales and on Craigslist! Continue reading

wonder and fear – Christmas is near
December 10, 2008, 11:01 am
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Last night, almost asleep Emily tells me: “Mom, you have to remember not to make a fire in the fireplace on Christmas eve!!!”

me: “Why?”

Emily: “Because Santa would get hurt. He would burn himself or maybe even be burnt. Then he could not bring presents.”

Continue reading

Breakfast in Bed and photo-op
October 12, 2008, 11:04 pm
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This morning at 8AM we were gently awoken by Anna and Emily with a tray of breakfast. Anna had cut me an apple, put it in a bowl with Müsli and poured milk all over, but just enough, just the way I like it. Michael had lots of milk with cereal, which he likes to eat on Sunday morning. It was toooooooooo sweet. They went back and brought their own breakfast too and we had a family breakfast in bed. Here is a picture of Anna and Emily with the most wonderful breakfast ever.

Anna and Emily serve breakfast in bed

Later, we went to meet our friends, the Callaham’s at the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the Art in Motion Exhibit and Scarecrows, put together by many different companies from around Atlanta.

Here is a photo-op picture of the family:

Greetings from the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Fall 2008

Greetings from the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Fall 2008