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staples for Emily
September 11, 2009, 12:19 am
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It is 11:45PM and I am finally sitting down, at home, just typing and happy the rest of the family is upstairs asleep!

Earlier this evening, Emily went to a friends house for 30 minutes and came home for dinner. I had made one of her favorites – baked chicken a la Heike. She had actually helped me with the preparations and had gone off to play. There were also sweet potato puffs and herbed spaghetti. Anna had made Powdered Sugar Puff Pastries for dessert, which were absolutely divine. So there was not a peep from either girl, munching on dinner … actually a bit of fighting over extra leftover crunchy chicken skin and then mouths filled with powdered sugar puff heaven. So then showers followed and the bedtime story. I snuggle with Emily, Michael snuggled with Anna.

When it is my turn for my final goodnight with Emily she mentions that the back of her head hurts. Hm, I think, maybe some heparin cream is in order I get from Germany. It helps with bruises and pain! As I part the hair, I see blood, I see the start of the wound and it keeps on going, making it a 1-inch cut on the left back of her head. Yeah, that would HURT!!! That girl is one tough cookie

I clean it a bit … tears … I see the whole glory or more the whole gory of it, Michael, too, and we decide that it is time for the ER. She took some cuddlies and off we went. She was scared, but she is a “get it done and over with” kind off girl.

We got there, they did a gazillion neurological tests to see she is not more kooky than before and said that the numbing gel would start working in 30 to 40 minutes. I asked about the alternative, which comes in a needle. Emily decided on that so that she could “get it done and over with” like SHE phrased it! It pinched and hurt a little, the 3 staples definitely hurt, but I am very proud of her! Then, we waited and waited …

Hey, people, we got done and now? Well, the hold-up was, because of a Tylenol prescription from the pharmacy. It took 30 minutes for us NOT to get it in the end.

Needless to say, Emily is not going to school tomorrow – by doctor’s orders! Mommy’s orders are to sleep as long as she can … maybe even long enough for me to go back to bed?!